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Letter from the Committee for Queen' s County


A Letter from George Townsend, Esq˙, Chairman of the Committee of Queen' s County, dated the 31st instant, was read and filed. Therein was enclosed a copy of the late


Declaration of Richard Viscount Howe and William Howe, attested by William Tryon, certified as a true copy and subscribed Thomas Willett, Sheriff; which was also read and filed.

Resolved, That the said Thomas Willett, late Sheriff of Queen' s County, be taken into custody, and brought immediately before this Convention, to answer for his conduct in having certified, subscribed, and published the late Declaration of Richard Viscount Howe and William Howe, attested by William Tryon, late Governour of New-York, contrary to the resolutions of Congress and the Convention of the Representatives of this State in such cases lately made and provided.

And Ordered, That General Scott be requested to direct that the above Resolution be duly executed.

The Committee appointed to consider of and report on the Letter from the Committee of Kingston, relative to the Scotch Prisoners from the Royal Army placed at Kingston, brought in their Report.

The same being read, it was postponed until further inquiry can be made and information obtained.

A Letter from Colonel Ritzema to Mr˙ McKesson, one of the Secretaries, dated this day, was read. He therein mentions that his Regiment is without a Major; that a Major is a useful officer; that Captain Hillings is at present doing Major duty; and that Colonel Ritzema requests that a Major may be appointed.

Ordered, That the said Letter be referred to the Committee appointed to inquire what Officers, who served last campaign, remain unprovided for.

Ordered, That Colonel Hoffman and Mr˙ Abm˙ Tates be discharged, at their request, from, the Committee appointed to inquire and report the names of the Officers who served last campaign and are not provided for; and that Colonel Lott and Mr˙ Bleecker be of that Committee, instead of the Members hereby discharged.

Ordered, That Colonel Hoffman and Mr˙ Tredwell have leave of absence.

A Letter from Corns˙ C˙ Roosevelt, Clerk to Colonel Curtenius, was read and filed. He thereby acknowledges the receipt of twenty-six Muskets from Thads Noble.

A Certificate, signed by William, Allen, William Elsworth,


Guilliam Varick, and Michael Ganter, Gunsmiths, enclosed in said Letter, was also read and filed. They thereby certify that the Muskets which Mr˙ Noble contracted to deliver in complete order, like unto King' s Muskets, are deficient at least 10s˙ each of being equal to the contract. They have examined the said Muskets attentively, and do upon honour declare, that they are worth no more than 54s˙ each.

The Convention being informed that said Noble had been put to great expense in bringing the said Muskets by land, on account of the ships-of-war in Hudson' s River, by which means the Muskets were also injured in their appearance,

Resolved, therefore, That Mr˙ Noble be allowed 10s˙ on each Musket for his extraordinary expenses in bringing them down by land, and for the injury they have received thereby, and that he be paid 54s˙ for each Musket, agreeable to the valuation of the said William Allen and others.

Ordered, That Peter Van Brugh Livingston, Esq˙, pay to Thads. Noble the sum of £53 4s˙, in full for twenty-six Muskets by him made on contract with the Congress of this State made in April last, and in full for the allowance made to him by this Convention for extraordinary expenses in bringing down the said Muskets by land, and take his receipt for the same.

Mr˙ Robert Harper and Gouverneur Morris reported that they have examined Peter Sim as to his skill and knowledge in the art of extracting Salt from sea water, and think him well skilled in that art; and that in their opinion the application of the said Sim and his copartners in every respect comes within the resolutions of this Convention for encouraging the manufacturing of Salt.

Resolved, That the said Alexander Robertson, Marinus Willet, and Peter Sim, and their copartners, shall have the sum of £500 on loan, on their joint and several bond or obligation, conditioned for the payment thereof to the Treasurer, according to the said Resolutions.

Ordered, That the Secretaries do prepare such Bond; * and that on the receipt thereof by the Treasurer, duly executed by the said Alexander Robertson, Marinus Willet, and Peter Sim, and their copartners, and conditioned for the payment of £500, he do advance to them that sum, taking a receipt for the same.

On motion of Mr˙ Duer,

Resolved, unanimously, That the Colonels of the respective Regiments in the County of Charlotte do make return to this Convention, or to a future Executive power of this State, on or before the first day of September next, of the number of men in their respective Regiments, the state of their arms, and the number of the levies which have been draughted from each Battalion; and that Colonel Williams be directed to send copies of this order to the respective Colonels.

John Van Cortlandt, Esq˙, reported that he had waited on Richard Morris, Esq˙, to inform him of the unanimous vote of this Convention to appoint him Judge of the Court of Admiralty in this State; that Mr˙ Morn' s declines to


accept that office, and will wait on this Convention to thank them for the honourable testimony they have given him of their esteem; that he assigns for the reason of his declining the office his intention to decline all publick business, and devote his time to settle his affairs and arrange them for the benefit of his children; and that he had requested Mr˙ Cortlandt in his behalf to return his sincere thanks to this Convention, and to assure them that he will always be ready to support his country with his life and fortune.