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John Penn chosen Delegate to the Continental Congress


Resolved, That the Treasurers, or either of them, draw on the Continental Treasury, out of the sum directed to be drawn out of the Continental Funds for the use of the Army, five hundred Pounds for each of the three Delegates appointed to attend the Continental Congress in behalf of this Province, instead of the like sum ordered to be paid them out of the Provincial Treasury.

Resolved, That the Continental Troops to be raised in this Province be kept in pay three months, unless the Provincial Council should judge it necessary to continue them longer; and the said Council are empowered to disband them at any time before, or after the term of three months, when they shall judge that their service is unnecessary,

Mr˙ John Walker is appointed Captain of a Company in the Hillsborough District, in the room of Mr˙ John Williams, who resigned.

Resolved, That the Recruiting Officers of the Continental Army to be raised in this Province, advance to each Non-commissioned Officer and Soldier who shall be enlisted, forty Shillings, in part of his first month' s pay; that ten Shillings be allowed to each Captain, Lieutenant, or Ensign, for every man which they shall respectively enlist and enrol as a Soldier in the said service, as a full compensation for their expenses in recruiting their men.

Resolved, That Samuel Johnston, Esquire, be, and is hereby appointed Treasurer for the Northern District, and Richard Caswell, Esquire, be, and he is hereby appointed Treasurer for the Southern District; which said Treasurers respectively are invested with the same powers and authorities, and entitled to the same emoluments, and liable to the like fines, penalties and forfeitures, as Treasurers were by an act of Assembly of this Province, passed in the


year 1773, entitled "An Act for appointing publick Treasurers, and directing their duty in office;" and that each of them, before they enter on the execution of the said office, shall give bond and sufficient security in the sum of fifty thousand Pounds, Proclamation Money, to the Provincial Council.

Mr˙ Farquard Campbell and Mr˙ King have leave to absent themselves from the service of this Congress.

Mr˙ Caswell informed the Congress, that as they had done him the honour of appointing him Treasurer of the Southern District of this Province, and one of the signers of the publick Bills of Credit, his attending those duties would render it entirely out of his power to attend the Continental Congress, as one of the Delegates of this Province: he therefore requested this Congress would be pleased to appoint some other gentleman in his stead.

Whereupon, it is Resolved, That John Penn, Esquire, be, and he is hereby appointed a Delegate in behalf of this Province, in conjunction with William Hooper and Joseph Hewes, Esquires, and that he be invested with the same powers, and entitled to the same allowance, that the said Richard Caswell would have been vested with and entitled to, under a former resolution of this Congress.

Resolved, That the Secretary, as soon as this Congress rises, deliver the Journals to Mr˙ James Green, who is directed to transcribe a fair copy immediately, and deliver it to Mr˙ James Davis, who is desired to print the same, and send a copy to each of the Members of this Congress as soon as possible.

Mr˙ Wade laid before the Congress a Letter from John Coulson, with a Recantation and Association entered into, and signed by a number of the people called Protesters, with which this House is satisfied.

The Congress adjourned till to-morrow morning, six o' clock.