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Six hundred Pounds advanced on account of the Continental Frigates building at Poughkeepsie


Captain Samuel Tudor, one of the Superintendents of the building the Continental Frigates at Poughkeepsie, informed the Committee of Safety that the said Superintendents


have lately received a raft of timber for which they are indebted, and daily expect some other rafts of timber for which to pay ready money; that the said Superintendents have also some other accounts to discharge, are at present destitute of money, and cannot obtain a supply from the Treasurer of the Marine Committee; Mr˙ Tudor therefore, on behalf of the said Superintendents, requested an advance or a loan of £600.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of this State advance to Captain Samuel Tudor, as one of the Superintendents, on his account, say receipt, the sum of £600, and charge the same to Continental account.