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Letter to the Committee of Elizabethtown


In Provincial Congress, New-York, February 21, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Complaint has been made to us that Isaac Decker, Abraham Harris, and Minne Burger, inhabitants of Richmond County, are confined in jail under the direction of your Committee, in the Borough of Elizabeth, and that Richard Conner, Esq˙, is bound under a penalty to appear before your Committee. We know not by whose directions they were apprehended. By the regulations of the Provincial Congress of this Colony, all persons charged with any conduct inimical to the United Colonies, or transgressing any resolves, rules, or regulations of the Continental or Provincial Congress, are, in the first instance, to be tried by the County Committee of the County in which such delinquents reside. We, therefore, earnestly request that the several persons above named, with all charges and proofs you have or may know of against them respectively, may be returned to the County Committee of Richmond County, to be put upon their trial.

We are, respectfully, gentlemen, your very humble servants.

To the Chairman and Members of the Committee of Elizabethtown.