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Letter from the New-York Committee to Bernard Lintot


Copy of a Letter to Mr˙ Bernard Lentot, of Branford. New-York, June 11th, 1774.

SIR: Your favour of the 29th of last month has been laid before our Committee of Correspondence. I am directed to acquaint you that they esteem themselves obliged by the communication of your sentiments at this very important and critical conjuncture. The hints you furnish may be very proper for the consideration and discussion of a general Congress of Deputies from the different Colonies, a measure that seems on all hands agreed will be most likely to produce the desired effect; but what can or will be done must be submitted to the wisdom of their united councils. We can only join you in our ardent wishes that they may prevail in their endeavours to re-establish that peace and harmony on which so essentially depend the prosperity and happiness of both countries.

We remain, with much respect, sir, your friends and most humble servants. By order of the Committee,

ISAAC LOW, Chairman.