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Defence of Rev. John Scott


On the said 25th of November came Isaiah Banks before me, and deposed on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, that on Sunday, coming from Green-Hill Church, he heard the Rev˙ John Scott and Matthew Cannon discoursing on the subject of the said Cannon' s raising a Company; to which he, the said Banks paid particular attention; that he heard the said Mr˙ Scott tell Cannon he apprehended the steps Cannon then pursued threatened the loss of his land; on which the said Banks said, he thought it was the way to save his land; on which the said Scott said, innocent as he, the said Scott, found himself of any hand in their proceedings, as they were churchmen, he feared he might be, in future, censured for their conduct; that the said Cannon replied, there would be no danger of censure, as he never was made acquainted, nor in any shape consulted about their designs.

Sworn before me, JOHN ADAMS.