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Meeting of the Committee of Accomack County, Virginia


Mr˙ PINKNEY: At a meeting of the Committee of Accomack County, held at the Court-House, on Tuesday last , it was found necessary to hold up to publick contempt a certain John Sherlock, of the said County, for having expressed himself, at sundry times, in the most daring and insulting manner against the good people who have proved themselves, by their behaviour, friends to American liberty.

Mr˙ Sherlock, instead of appearing before the Committee, agreeable to summons, wrote them an abusive, insulting letter; whereupon the day next after the Committee had proceeded against him agreeable to the rules of the Association, part of the Independent Company of this County went to his house, took, and carried him to the Court-House, and, after a solemn trial, received from him, under the Liberty Pole, his recantation; a copy whereof you have enclosed . Mr˙ Sherlock, at the Company' s approach, took shelter in an upper room of his house, with two loaded guns, but was prudent enough to decline making use of them.