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Letter from General Schuyler of December 26


Monday, January 8, 1776.

A Letter from General Schuyler, dated the 26th of December, enclosing a copy of a Letter from General Montgomery, dated December 5th, and a list of the Ordnance sent to Cambridge; also, a Letter from the Committee of Baltimore, enclosing an Affidavit of Captain Horn, being received, were read.

The Congress, taking into consideration the Report of the Committee on General Schuyler' s Letters, thereupon came to the following Resolutions:

Resolved, That Shipwrights be immediately sent from New-York and Philadelphia to General Schuyler, or the Commander-in-chief of the Forces at Ticonderoga, to be employed by him in constructing a number of Batteaus, not exceeding one hundred, for transporting Troops, with their baggage, from that place into Canada, whenever it may be found necessary.

That a sufficient number of suitable men be engaged for rowing said Batteaus; and that a large quantity of Provisions and Stores be sent this winter to Fort-George.

That General Schuyler be desired to have the River St˙ Lawrence, above and below Quebeck, well explored, and to determine upon proper places for opposing, by Armed Boats, or otherwise, any attempts of the enemy to penetrate that country by the River; and that he give orders for constructing, speedily, as many such Boats as he shall judge necessary.

That two Shipwrights be immediately sent from Philadelphia, to be employed, under the direction of the Committee of Inspection at Albany, in constructing Scows for facilitating the passage over Hudson' s River.

Resolved, That the provision heretofore made for a Hospital in the Northern Army, when it was more numerous than it is now, is sufficient.

Resolved, That the Convention of New-York be desired to send three thousand bushels of Salt, besides what General Schuyler hath already ordered to be brought, to Ticonderoga.


Resolved, That the Governour of Connecticut, the General Assemblies of Massachusetts-Bay and New-Hampshire, and the Convention of New-York, be written to, forthwith, by the Delegates of the said Colonies, respectively, to furnish General Schuyler with the account of Money paid to any persons in the Army under his command, specifying the names of those to whom the Money was paid by their order.

Resolved, That the Contract made by General Schuyler, to allow one-twelfth part of a Dollar, per day, for Billeting-Money, to every one of the men who reinlist in the Northern Army, until they can march to the place where Provisions may be delivered to them, be made good.

Resolved, That the Officers of the Northern Army be accountable for such Publick Stores, issued to them, as may be lost, through carelessness, by their respective Corps; and that the value thereof be deducted out of the pay of those who have embezzled or wasted the same.

Resolved, That this Congress does approve of the raising a Battalion of Canadians, and of the appointment of James Livingston, Esquire, Colonel thereof.

Resolved, That nine Battalions, including that of Canadians under Colonel Livingston, be kept up and maintained the present year for the defence of Canada.

Resolved, That the First Pennsylvania Battalion, under Colonel Bull, and the Second New-Jersey Battalion, under Colonel Maxwell, be ordered immediately to march to Albany, and there put themselves under the command of General Schuyler, and that the orders given for the march of three Companies of Colonel Bull' s Battalion to Accomack and Northampton be countermanded.

Resolved, That to make up the Battalions voted for the defence of Canada, that one Battalion be raised in New-Hampshire, one in Connecticut, and one in New-York; that two Battalions be formed out of the Troops now in Canada, and that General Montgomery be desired to recommend proper persons for Officers in said Battalions; and that one of the five Battalions, lately ordered to be raised in Pennsylvania, be destined for Canada.

Resolved, That a Committee of Three be appointed to devise ways and means for furnishing the Battalions destined for Canada with necessaries for expediting their march thither.

The Members chosen, Mr˙ Floyd, Mr˙ Deane, and Mr˙ McKean.

Resolved, That the further consideration of the Report of the Committee be deferred till to-morrow.

Information being given to Congress, that about fifty-seven tons of Saltpetre were arrived in Philadelphia, and about fifteen tons of Powder in New-York, for sale:

Resolved, That the Secret Committee be directed to treat for the purchase of the Saltpetre, and inquire how it may be most speedily manufactured into Powder, and report to Congress.

Resolved, That Mr˙ P˙ Livingston, Mr˙ Alsop, Mr˙ Jay, and Mr˙ Lewis, be directed to purchase, on the best terms they can, for the use of the United Colonies, the Powder arrived at New-York, and forward the same with all possible expedition, under a guard, to the Camp at Cambridge.

Resolved, That the Convention or Committee of Safety of Maryland, be desired to order three Companies of the Minute-Men in the service of that Colony, to march immediately from thence to the Counties of Accomack and Northampton, in Virginia, instead of the Forces directed to go thither from Pennsylvania, and to lay before Congress the Accounts of their subsistence and pay, which shall be paid out of the Continental Treasury.

Resolved, That the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania be desired to send five hundred pounds weight of Powder to the Colony of Virginia, for the use of the Forces to be employed in the Counties of Accomack and Northampton.

Adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow.