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Message from the Lieutenant Governour


Die Martis, 10 ho˙, A˙ M˙, the 28th March, 1775.

A Message from his Honour the Lieutenant-Governour, by Mr˙ Bayard, Deputy Secretary; and the same being read, is in the words following, viz:

GENTLEMEN: By desire of Governour Tryon, I last Spring sent by Mr˙ Collins, the Deputy Surveyor-General of the Province of Quebec, a copy of the Resolve of your House, that you would make provision for paying fifty Pounds sterling for completing the line between this Province and the Province of Quebec. Mr˙ Collins, by his letter of the 24th of November last, informed me that he had completed the work; that the distance being greater than was expected, had occasioned a greater expense than was foreseen; and that, of consequence, he was liable to be a considerable loser by the service which he had undertaken for the Government, unless some further allowance was made for his disbursements. With his letter of the 28th of February, Mr˙ Collins has sent me an account of his disbursements, and has drawn upon me for the fifty Pounds sterling, which cannot be paid until an Act is passed for the purpose. I send to you the letters and account, that you may make the necessary provision.


New-York, 28th March, 1775.

Ordered, That the said Message, and Papers therein mentioned, be referred to the consideration of the Committee to whom is committed the Bill entitled "An Act for the payment of the Salaries of the several Officers of this Colony, and other purposes therein mentioned."