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Letter from General Gates to General Arnold



Tyonderoga, July 15, 1776.

DEAR SIR: Last night I received your favour of the 14th. I sent you yesterday fifty-four batteaus, under the care of a Captain of Colonel Wayne' s regiment. This afternoon forty more batteaus will go from hence to Crown Point. I do not think it necessary for any of the regiments to march by land to Tyonderoga, as I will take care to supply batteaus sufficient for the conveyance of the whole. As we have so much work to do here, I cannot see how a regiment can be spared to remain at Crown Point. The vessels will be there


as soon as possible. I hope the Commodore will sail tomorrow; and if our naval force cannot protect that part of the lake from invasion, I do not think one regiment will be able to do it.

I shall not approve or disapprove of Colonel Campbell' s court martial; that must be left to General Schuyler, to whom it is referred. Colonel Hazen complains of several irregularities in the proceedings againt him, and in particular of his not being tried by a court composed entirely of Field-Officers. Where this can be done, a Colonel has an undoubted right to demand it. Colonel Hazen further alleges, that the members of the court ordered for his trial are not taken from the roll of duty, but named by his accuser. This (if a fact) is also very irregular. Colonel Campbell may be sent here, his arrest continued.

I am, sir, &c˙,

To General Arnold.