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Letter from the President of Congress


PHILADELPHIA, January 2, 1776. — HONOURABLE GENTLEMENT: I have the honour to transmit you several resolutions passed in Congress, to which I beg leave to refer you. The money ordered in consequence of the accounts you were pleased to transmit to your Delegates, sets off this day, of which Mr˙ Cushing is so kind as to take charge. I hope it will arrive safe, and that the conduct of your Delegates, in this instance, will meet your approbation.

As I am now called upon to attend publick business, I beg leave to refer you to Mr˙ Cushing for further particulars. Wishing you the compliments of the season, I have the honour to be, gentleman, your most obedient servant, JOHN HANCOCK, President.

To the Honourable the Assembly.

IN COUNCIL, January 15, 1776: Read, and committed, with the papers accompanying, to Mr˙ Speaker, Major Hawley, and Mr˙ Pitts, with such as the honourable Board may join.
Sent up for concurrence. J˙ WARREN, Speaker,

IN COUNCIL, January 16, 1776: Read, and concurred, and Walter Spooner and Jedediah Foster, Esquires, are joined.
PEREZ MORTON, Deputy Secretary.

The Committee report that the above Letter, and Resolves of Congress accompanying it, ought to be registered on the records of the General Court; and they beg leave to sit again.

IN COUNCIL, January 23, 1776: Read, and accepted, and Ordered, That the same be recorded accordingly; and the Committee are allowed to sit again. Sent down for concurrence.
PEREZ MORTON, Deputy Secretary.

IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, January 24, 1776: Read, and concurred. Sent up. J˙ WARREN, Speaker.

IN COUNCIL, January 26, 1776: Read, and Ordered, That John Winthrop, Esq˙, be of the above Committee, in the room of Walter Spooner, Esq˙, who is absent. PEREZ MORTON, Deputy Secretary.