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New-Haven, December 20, 1775.

An account of the loss we sustained in June last, viz:
On Noddle-Island, burnt by the Provincials, the large mansion-house, cost about nine hundred pounds sterling, about twenty years old, £750


One large barn, for which I paid about, 130
One barn, cost about one hundred pounds, about twenty-five years old, new shingled, oak sills, all good, 65
One large warehouse or store, cost about two hundred pounds sterling, chambers ceiled, 150
Three frame houses, one story, gambrel roof, with lutheran lights, cost about three hundred pounds, 225
Three large barns, one for each house, will cost about three hundred pounds, 200
The whole value, sterling, £1,520

Besides fences, corn-houses, &c˙, one year' s rent, one hundred and thirty pounds sterling. The island contains about seven hundred acres. Every article to build with must be boated over, being an island.

Gentlemen, I believe the above valuation is about the truth. I have talked with the tenant, Mr˙ Henry Howell Williams, and he says it will cost two thousand pounds sterling to replace the buildings, &c˙, on the island. The above was owned by Doctor Charles Chauncy, William Hystop, and your very humble servant,


Connecticut, ss. New-Haven, in the County of New-Haven, on the twenty-first day of December, A˙ D. 1775:

Personally appeared Mr˙ Thomas Greenough, late of Boston, now resident in said New-Haven, and made oath to the truth of the within estimate. Before me,

JOHN WHITING, Justice of Peace,
For the County of New-Haven,