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Signers in Canaan



Ebenezer Eames,
Richard dark,
Jehu Jones,
Thomas Baxter,
James Treadway will, on certain conditions.


Robert Coats,
Joshua Wells,
Samuel Joslen,
Richard Joslen,
Charles Walworth,
Ezekiel Wells,
Caleb Clark,
Thomas Miner,
Samuel Jones,
Joseph Walter,
John Scofield,
Samuel Lathrop,
Ezekiel Gardner,
Solomon Scipio.
John Scofield,
Thomas Baldwin,
Caleb Welch,
Gideon Rudd,
Ebenezer Scofield.

To the Honourable Committee of Safety for the Colony of NEW-HAMPSHIRE:

These are to certify that every man in this town voluntarily signed this Agreement. Attest:

SAMUEL JONES, Selectmen.

Canaan, July 1, A˙ D˙ 1776.



I, on Condition that no man who is taken a captive from the British Forces, be made an officer, or let to be a soldier in the Continental Army; and, secondly, that every American found and taken in arms against the United Colonies be immediately put to death; and, thirdly, that all and every of the British Troops that are captured by the Continental Forces, by sea or land. or any other way taken, shall be kept in prison, or close confinement, and, fourthly, that every commanding officer, or a private soldier, or any person or persons, employed in any business whatever in the Continental Forces, who is found and proved to be a traitor to the United Colonies, in America, be put to death immediately. Upon these aforementioned conditions do I sign this Declaration.
Witness my hand: JAMES TREADWAY.