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Governour Trumbull to General Washington



Lebanon, September 5, 1775.

SIR: Your Excellency' s favour of the 2d instant was delivered to me last night; this afternoon received General Schuyler' s of the 31st August. He has ordered the lead to Albany, with directions to forward it by the most direct route to your camp.

We are infested by Ministerial ships and transports. I gave your Commissary-General a narrative yesterday; beg leave to refer to him, from the haste of this express. Our coasts are kept in continual alarm. Three ships of war, with thirteen other vessels of divers sorts, were seen off Fisher' s Island, and in the Sound, yesterday. They have gained no provisions from the main; have heard nothing from Montauk, or any part of Long-Island. New-London is in great fears, and Stonington expects another attack. I have ordered the new levies to guard and defend those two places, and the coasts as far as Connecticut river; there are likewise four Companies of them beyond the river, for defence in those parts; this appears absolutely necessary for their security at present. Hope this use of them, till these dangers are over, will neither injure nor hinder any of your operations. Whether these are the same ships your Excellency noticed us of remains uncertain. Yesterday ordered the best intelligence to be gained, to render that matter more certain.

Lord' s day morning, constrained by the weather, came into the harbour at New-London, a schooner taken by the Rose, Captain Wallace, at Stonington: four hands on board; one, a white man, sent to Windham jail; the other three negroes, two belonging to Governour Cooke, and one to Newport, ordered to be returned to their masters, and the schooner to her owner.

General Schuyler' s army is moved forward. A few days will determine the event.

I have ordered our Commissaries in the several Counties to send to your camp all the hunting shirts they can procure.

I am, with great esteem and regard, Sir, your very obedient and humble servant, JONATHAN TRUMBULL.

His Excellency General Washington.