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Resolutions condemning the conduct of Samuel Purviance, Jun., adopted


Saturday, May 18, 1776.

Convention met. All Members present as on Thursday, except Mr˙ Mackall and Mr˙ Smith. The Proceedings of Thursday were read.

A Letter from James Duane, Esquire, enclosing Resolutions of Congress, and a Memorial from the freemen of North Susquehannah Hundred, in Cecil County, were severally read, and ordered to lie on the table.

Mr˙ Griffith brings in, and delivers to Mr˙ President, a Report from the Committee appointed to consider of the several Petitions relative to proceedings of Committees of Observation against Non-Enrollers; which was read, and ordered to lie on the table.

Mr˙ Griffith, Mr˙ Currer, and Mr˙ Letherbury, have leave of absence.

The Convention, agreeable to the Order of the Day, took into their consideration the charges reported against Samuel Purviance, Jun˙, of Baltimore Town, and on hearing Mr˙ Purviance, and the several witnesses by him produced,


Resolved, That the said Samuel Purviance, since the rising of the last Convention, hath usurped a power to direct the operations of the military force of this Province, at a time when the Council of Safety (to whom the same solely and properly belongs, in the recess of Convention) was sitting, and might, without inconvenience, have been applied to.

That the said Samuel Purviance, being (at the time of his writing the said Letter and giving the said Instructions) Chairman of the Committee of Baltimore County, did write the said Letter and give the said Instructions under colour of his said office of Chairman, and as if at the request of the said Committee; whereas the said Committee were not consulted thereon nor made acquainted therewith.

That the said Samuel Purviance, by writing and speaking, and particularly by a Letter by him written to the President of the Congress, some time about the middle of April last, hath unjustly represented the Convention and Council of Safety as irresolute and afraid to execute the trusts reposed in them, and endeavoured to draw a suspicion upon them of a want of spirit and zeal in the execution of their duty. The Order of the Day, for taking into consideration the late intercepted Letters to Governour Eden, the Proceedings of the Continental Congress, and of the Council of Safety of this Province thereupon, being read,

Ordered, That the same be referred for further consideration till Monday next.

Convention adjourns till Monday morning, nine o' clock.