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Committee to prepare Instructions to the Delegates to the Continental Congress


Thursday, August 31, 1775.

Voted, That the Towns of Cardigan, Grafton, Protectworth, and Savile, be and hereby are annexed to and made a part of the Regiment under the command of Colonel Jonathan Chase.

Voted, That Mr˙ Sparhawk and Major Hubbard be added to the Committee for drawing up Instructions for our Delegates to the Continental Congress.

Upon a motion of Col˙ March, Voted, That the Vote of the 24th inst˙, appointing William Whipple, Esq˙, Colonel of the First Regiment of Militia of this Colony, be reconsidered.

Voted, That Captain William Whipple be and hereby is appointed Colonel of the First Regiment of Militia in this Colony.

Voted, That Benjamin Barker be appointed First Major of the First Regiment of Militia in this Colony, and Ephraim Pickering Second Major.

Voted, That John Giddinge, Esq˙, the late Treasurer of the Congress, have the loan of twenty-nine Pounds, eighteen Shillings, and ten Pence, lawful money, to be delivered him by the Receiver-General, out of the Publick Treasury, to be accounted for by said Giddinge.


The Committee appointed to prepare a Plan for the future Representation of this Colony, made report as on file

Voted, That it lie for consideration.