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Brig Fanny ordered to be delivered to her owner, Joseph Hewes, of North-Carolina, a member of the General Congress,


Friday, January 12, 1776.

The President informed the Convention, that the Committee of Safety had inquired into the property of the Brig Fanny, and that it appeared to them, from the Register of the said Vessel, that she belonged to Joseph Hewes, Esq˙, of North Carolina; that, from instructions given John Cunningham, Master of the said Vessel, he was instructed to proceed in the said Brig to Antigua, to unload his cargo, and then take freight to any part of Europe, to return with a load of Salt, as should be thought best by Messrs˙ Joseph and Samuel Brown, merchants, whose directions he was to follow; that the said Cunningham produced two charter-parties,


by which it appeared he took a freight from Antigua and Grenada to Ireland, and another from thence, in Government service, to Boston; that the said Joseph Hewes, Esq˙, was a member of the General Congress, and a known friend to America, and wholly a stranger to the ill conduct of the Captain in taking the injurious freight from Cork to Boston; and prayed the opinion of the Convention relative to the said Vessel and her Freight. Whereupon the Convention came to the following Resolution:

Resolved, That the said Brig Fanny be delivered to the Proprietor, on payment of the mariners' wages.