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Committee to value the Vessels to be sunk at Whetstone-Point


At a meeting of the Committee on Wednesday, March 13, 1776:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Chairman, William Lux, Vice-Chairman, Andrew Buchanan, William Buchanan, Z˙ McCubbin, Benjamin Nicholson, John Merryman, Thomas Harrison, Jeremiah T˙ Chise, William Aiaquith, James Calhoun, Abraham Britton, J˙ Sterrett, John Moale, John Smith, John Boyd.

Resolved, That an order be drawn to Mr˙ John Moale, payable to Colonel Aquila Hall, for forty Pounds, to be applied in paying off the Militia of Harford County.

Resolved, That the thanks of this Committee be returned to Colonel Dorsey, of Elkridge, and Colonels Hall and Rumsey, of Harford County, for their assistance on the late alarm occasioned by the Otter Sloop-of-War.

Resolved, That Messrs˙ William Spear, Hercules Courtnay, and George Wells, together with Captain Isaac Vanbibber and David Lawrence, be appointed to value the Vessels ready to be sunk at Whetstone Point, and such Cables as may be used for that purpose, and return an account of the valuation of each to this Committee, in order that the same may be transmitted to the Council of Safety of this Province; and it is requested that those gentlemen will execute said business this afternoon, it being intended that the Vessels shall be sunk immediately.

Resolved, As the opinion of this Committee, that it will greatly conduce to the preservation of Baltimore Town, and to the security of the Ship Defence, to continue the said Ship in the Harbour at Fell' s Point.

Ordered, That the Chairman acquaint the Council of Safety with the above Resolve; and, also, that Captain James Nicholson and Lieutenant Bouchier concur with them in opinion.

GEORGE LUX LUX, Secretary.