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Letter from Commodore Hopkins



Newport, October 22, 1776.

SIR: You are to go to sea with the Hamden under your command, in company with the Alfred, and take and follow such directions as you may receive from Captain Jones respecting your cruise. If you should part with the Alfred by accident, you are to do all in your power to join her; but should you not be able to join, you are to cruise, as long as you can, in such station as you think will be most likely to intercept the provision vessels from Great Britain, bound either to Canada or New-York.

You may destroy any ship or ships which you "cannot easily man, and send into port, first taking out the hands. You will send your prizes into such ports as you judge you can with most safety get them into any of the United States of America.

ESEK HOPKINS, Commander-in-Chief.

To Hoysteed Hacker, Esq˙, Commander of the brigantine Hamden, in the service of the United States of North America.