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Meeting of the Inhabitants of Frederick County, Maryland



At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Frederick County, Maryland, held at the Court House in said County, on Monday, the 20th of June, 1774.

Mr˙ JOHN HANSON, Chairman.

1st. Resolved, That it is the opinion of this meeting that the town of Boston is now suffering in the common cause of America, and that it is the duty of every Colony in America to unite in the most effectual means to obtain a repeal of the late Act of Parliament for blocking up the harbour of Boston.

2d. That it is the opinion of a great majority of this meeting, that if the Colonies come into a joint resolution to stop all imports from, and exports to, Great Britain and the West Indies, till the Act of Parliament for blocking up the harbour of Boston, as well as every other Act oppressive to American liberty, be repealed, the same may be the means of preserving to America her rights, liberties, and privileges.

3d. That therefore this meeting will join in an Association with the several counties in this Province, and the principal Colonies in America, to put a stop to all exports to, and imports from, Great Britain and the West Indies, shipped after the 25th day of July next, or such other


day as may be agreed on, until the said Act shall be repealed; and that such Association shall be upon oath.

4th. That we, the inhabitants of Frederick County, will not deal, or have any connections with that Colony, Province or town, which shall decline or refuse to come into similar resolutions with a majority of the Colonies.

5th. That no suit shall be commenced, after the stop shall be put to imports and exports, for the recovery of any debt due to any person whatsoever, unless the debtor be about to abscond, or, being applied to, shall refuse to give bond and security.

6th. That Messrs˙ John Hanson, Thomas Price, George Scott, Benjamin Dulany, George Murdock, Philip Thomas, Alexander C˙ Hanson, Baker Johnson, and Andrew Scott, be a Committee to attend the general Congress at Annapolis, and that those gentlemen, together with Messrs˙ John Gary, Christopher Edelen, Conrad Grosh, Thomas Schley, Peter Hoffman, and Archibald Boyd, be a Committee of Correspondence to receive and answer letters, and on any emergency to call a general meeting, and that any six shall have power to act.

Ordered, That these Resolves be immediately sent to Annapolis, that they may be printed in the Maryland Gazette. Signed by order,

ARCHIBALD BOYD, Clerk of the Committee.