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August 21st


Monday, August 21, 1775.

In Committee of Safety: Present —

Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Roberdeau, George Gray, Robert Morris, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, Owen Biddle, John Cadwallader, Samuel Morris, Jun˙, Robert White:

Mr˙ Robert Towers reports, that he has removed the Powder from the New Jail to the Powder House; and that he has received from Major Mifflin the Powder that came


by Captain Ferris, which is stored in the Powder House, and is as follows, viz: two barrels, weight 200 pounds; three and a half barrels, weight 150 pounds; eighty-seven and one-fourth barrels, weight 2,175 pounds; forty-eight and one-eighth barrels, weight 600 pounds; four boxes, weight 100 pounds — total 3,225 pounds. Also, one and one-fourth cask, part out; one half-barrel, weight 50 pounds — received from the City Committee, and stored in the Powder House.

A Letter was received from the Provincial Congress of New-York, dated 16th of August, requesting this Board to lend them some Gunpowder; in answer to which, this Board wrote them this day, informing them of the Powder that was sent to Colonel Schuyler; and if he had no occasion for that quantity, it was at their service.

The Baggage belonging to the Officers was sent this day, by Mr˙ Vandegriffs Stage-Wagon, for New-York, to the care of the Committee there, and is as follows:

For Major French, two Trunks, one Valise; for Ensign Rotton, one Trunk, two Canteens, one Bed-Box, one Hat-Case; for Mr˙ McDermott, a Volunteer, two Trunks, one Bed-Box, one Valise, one Box.