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Court-Martial on Lieutenant Daniel Merril, May 24th


Proceedings of a Court of Inquiry held at BOSTON, by order of Major-General WARD, to examine a complaint exhibited by Colonel VARNUM against Lieutenant DANIEL MERHIL, of Colonel PHINNEY' S Regiment, MAY 24, A˙ D˙ 1776.

Colonel Sargent, President.


Captain Pope,
Captain Hill,
Captain Barnes,
Captain Low,
Captain Haynes,
Captain Vinton,
Captain Farrington,
Lieutenant Holmes,
Lieutenant Meserve,
Lieutenant Herrick,
Lieutenant Munrow,
Ensign Mills.

The Court being convened, proceeded to inquire into a complaint exhibited by Colonel Varnum against Lieutenant Merril, for inlisting Sergeant Thompson and fifteen men,


who were before inlisted with Lane and the aforesaid Sergeant, by his order, (as he saith.)

After examining the Officers of the Company, as well as the Sergeant and Privates above-mentioned, and getting what light we possibly could in this matter, the Court being cleared, after the most mature consideration, are unanimous in the opinion that Lieutenant Merril is not guilty of any part of the charge alleged against him, nor in any way culpable in the matter; and that said Sergeant and men are not held (or ought not to be) by said Captain Lane, as it doth not appear that they were properly inlisted.