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The report that the Constitutional Post Rider between Philadelphia and Baltimore


NEW-YORK, May 19, 1774. — A report having been industriously propagated, that several of the principal merchants in Philadelphia had withdrawn their subscriptions from the Constitutional Post Office, you are desired to inform the publick, that the said report is entirely false, as appears by letter from thence on that subject.

It may not be improper, at tills time, to mention, that the account which was invidiously inserted in some of the papers, that the Constitutional Post Rider between Philadelphia and Baltimore had absconded with a large sum of money entrusted to his care, was a misrepresentation. The person who absconded with the money was not the undertaker of that business, whose name is Stinson, a man of property and character, well known and respected in Philadelphia, but a villain he had the misfortune to hire, whose name is Bryan. And should he escape with his booty, there is no doubt but the friends of the institution will open a subscription for the indemnification of the master, who is known to be a man of integrity.

Accidents similar to the above have often happened to the Government Post Office, particularly one lately in England. But that office refuses to be accountable for money delivered to the riders.