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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


Permission is granted to Mr˙ William Neill, Merchant, of Baltimore, to export to the foreign West-Indies, four hundred and one barrels Flour, twenty-four barrels Bread, and two thousand Staves, the said William Neill having agreed to lay out the produce of the same in the purchase of Arms, Ammunition, Lead, Sulphur, or Saltpetre, if to be had, which articles, (if imported,) are to be first offered to the Council of Safety of this Province; but if the said articles cannot be procured, then the said William Neill agrees to import Dutch Osnaburghs, low priced Linens, coarse Woollens, Drugs, or Salt, the same not being the manufacture or produce of Great Britain or Ireland.


Upon motion, Resolved, That no person shall, after the publication hereof, and under any pretence or direction whatever, presume to load any Vessel, or, after being loaded, shall attempt to depart this Port without proper Permits from this Committee, as they shall answer to the contrary.

Ordered, That the above be published in the Papers.