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Assembly of Connecticut to the Massachusetts Congress



Hartford, May 27, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: You have doubtless received the advice of the Continental Congress, relative to the important fortress and pass of Ticonderoga and Crown Point. We esteem it necessary to be guided by their opinion in every important transaction, and have great satisfaction in their approbation of the capture made of those posts; and their advice relating to removing the cannon, &c˙, to the south end of Lake George, and making a stand there, must probably be complied with, unless they, upon further consideration, shall alter their opinion, and advise to making the stand at one or both the aforesaid forts, which this House and Assembly judge to be much more expedient, on many obvious accounts, and have several days since signified their opinion to our Delegates at said Congress; and for these and other reasons, hope for their concurrence.

The bearer, Captain Phelps, who has been very active and useful in the captures, is just arrived with important advices from Colonel Arnold, of an expected attack speedily from Governour Carleton, and is charged with the same advices from Mr˙ Arnold to you. In consequence of them, and the imminent danger the people there are exposed to, our Assembly have just ordered five hundred pounds of our pittance of powder to be forthwith sent to them; and also four companies to march for their present relief, and have advised the New-York Provincial Congress of this step; and also are now despatching advice of the same to the Continental Congress; and also again setting forth the advantage of maintaining a post at Ticonderoga or Crown Point, and suggesting our wishes that they reconsider their advice. In the mean time you may be assured that we have no just claim to the acquisition or the command of them, as in the least degree to interfere with any measures you may think proper to adopt relating to them, and consider what we have done as a small and temporary relief.

I am, gentlemen, in the name and behalf of the House of Representatives, your most obedient and very humble servant. By order:

WM˙ WILLIAMS, Speaker.