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Proceedings of the Connecticut Council of Safety, August 9 to August 17


At a meeting of the Governour and Council of Safety, August 12, 1776:

Present: His Honour the Governour, Jabez Huntington,


Titus Hosmer, Jed˙ Elderkin, Wm˙ Hillhouse, Nathl˙ Wales, Jun˙, Benj˙ Huntington, Esquires.

Voted, That an Order be drawn on the Pay-Table, in favour of Jesse Root, Esq˙, for £3,600, as Paymaster of the advance wages of the Officers and Men of the Second, Fourth, Ninth, Tenth, Thirteenth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Regiments of Militia, in this Colony, now ordered on duty to New York, to be by him paid out at the rate of 20 per man, into the hands of the Commanding Officers of each Regiment. Also, that an Order be drawn on the Pay-Table, in favour of the Commanding Officers of the First, Sixth, Nineteenth, and Twenty-Third Regiments of Militia, equal to 20 per man, that shall march with them to New York, upon the application at the Pay-Table for the same. Also, that an Order be given to the Pay-Table to draw out of the Treasury £300, and send it by some trusty person to the Commanding Officer of the Twenty-Second Regiment, with orders to pay to said Commanding Officer, 20 for each man in his Regiment, that shall march with him to New York. The above moneys to be accounted for by the persons who receive the same to pay out as aforesaid.

Orders drawn August 12th, 1776, and delivered to Jesse Root, Esquire.

Gave an Order on Captain Samuel Squire, of Fairfield, in favour of Captain Seth Harding, for the Brig Defence, for forty barrels of Pork, and forty barrels of Beef, forty bushels of Beans and Peas and forty bushels of Indian Corn, for the use of the Brig Defence.

Order delivered Captain Harding, August 12, 1776.

Gave an order on Captain Samuel Squire, in favour of Mr˙ Nathaniel Shaw, Jun˙, for sixty barrels of Pork, for the Colony' s use.

Order delivered Captain Harding.

Orders were given to Captain Harding, of the Colony' s Brig Defence, to cruise against the enemies of the United American States, as soon as fitted to sail, for the space of about eight weeks, and to use every precaution in his power and discretion, to cause any prize he may take to be brought into some port of the United States, and there secured and condemned; and after said cruise is ended, to return to his place of rendezvous.

Gave an Order on the Pay-Table, in favour of Captain John McCall, of the Veteran Guards, of the Twentieth Regiment of Militia, now ordered to New York, on publick service, for 20 advance wages, for each soldier that shall march under his command, to be computed agreeable to the number of soldiers he shall certify the Company which marches under his command to consist of.

Order given 12th August, 1776, and delivered to Captain McCall.

Gave orders to Captain McCall, of the Veteran Guards, in the Twentieth Regiment, to march immediately with his Company, and as many more as will inlist, to the number of ninety-three, including Officers, to join the Nineteenth Regiment, and put themselves under General Washington, until the present emergency is over, and until duly discharged.

Orders delivered Captain McCall, 12th August.

Voted, That Oliver Wolcott, Esq˙, be, and he is hereby appointed a Brigadier-General of the Militia of this State, now ordered to march to New York to reinforce the Army under the command of General Washington; and his Honour the Governour is desired to commissionate him accordingly.

A Commission given, bearing date 15th August, 1776.

Voted, An Order of £10 on the Pay-Table, in favour of Daniel Strong, to bear his expenses with his Team to the northward, with goods and warlike stores for the Continental Army in the Northern Department.

Order delivered Mr˙ Strong, 12th August.