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Bill for Apportioning and Assissing a Tax of Forty-Six Thousand Pounds


An engrossed Bill for apportioning and assessing a Tax of Forty-Six Thousand Pounds upon the several Towns and other places in this Colony, for the defraying the publick charges, and the support of civil Government.

Read, and Resolved, That this Bill pass to be enacted.



Upon a motion, Ordered, That Colonel Thurston and Mr˙ Allen be of the Committee to receive Accounts from the Selectmen of the several Towns, of Provisions sent to the Army, by their respective Towns, immediately after the battle at Concord.

A Petition of Nicholas Sewell and Isaias Preble, praying liberty for a Schooner to go to the West-Indies, the owners giving bond that she shall bring back the whole or most of her proceeds in Powder, or other warlike stores, if they can be purchased. Read, and committed to Mr˙ Bragdon, Colonel Orne, and Mr˙ Rice.

Upon a motion, Ordered, That Colonel Orne go with a message to the honourable Board, and inquire if they have passed on a Resolve of this House, determining a more expeditious method of settling Accounts.

Colonel Foster came down from the Council Board, and informed the House that the Board had non-concurred the Resolve on setlling Accounts.

Upon a motion, Ordered, That the Secretary lay said Resolve on the Table.

The Secretary accordingly laid the same on the table.