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Address to the Governour, requesting he will use his utmost endearours to promote a reconciliation, upon terms honourable to both Great Britain and America


Resolved, That a Committee of five persons be appointed to wait on the Governour, and deliver him copies of the said Resolutions, together with the following Address, to wit:

To His Excellency ROBERT EDEN, Esquire, Governour of MARYLAND.

May it please your Excellency:

We are commanded by the Convention to wait upon your Excellency, and to communicate to you the resolutions they have this day entered into; and we are instructed to assure your Excellency that the Convention entertains a favourable sense of your conduct relative to the affairs of America, since the unhappy differences have subsisted between Great Britain and the United Colonies, as far as the same hath come to their knowledge, and of their real wishes for your return to resume the Government of this Province, whenever we shall happily be restored to peace and that connection


with Great Britain the interruption and suspension of which have filled the mind of every good man with the deepest regret. From the disposition your Excellency hath manifested to promote the real interests of both countries, the Convention is induced to entertain the warmest hopes and expectations that, upon your arrival in England, you will represent the temper and principles of the people of Maryland with the same candour you have hitherto shown, and that you will exert your endeavours to promote a reconciliation upon terms that may be secure and honourable both to Great Britain and America.