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Council of Safety


Mr˙ President of the Council of Safety laid before the Congress an Account of Mr˙ John Champneys, one of the Commissioners for receiving and selling Rice on the publick account.

And the said Account being immediately taken under consideration, the Congress disallowed the following charges therein:

For his commission on the purchase of Rice, £ 183 2 6
Commission on selling, 399 1 11

Ordered, That the Committee on Publick Accounts do ascertain the quantity of Rice sold out by retail by said Mr˙ Champneys, and report the commission proper to be allowed thereon; and that the charge of five hundred Pounds in said Account, for damages sustained, be referred to the Committee on Mr˙ Thomas Singleton' s Petition.

Resolved, That the Committees in the several Parishes and Districts throughout the Colony ought, and they are hereby required, strictly to execute the Resolution of the Congress in January, 1775, to prevent the removal of the effects of any Debtors out of the Colony, without the knowledge or consent of their Creditors.