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Mr. Paine and Captain Willett


Die Lunae, A˙ M˙, March 4, 1776.

The Congress met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Brigadier-General Woodhull, President.

FOR NEW-YORK. — Mr˙ Van Zandt, Mr˙ Smith, Mr˙ Denning, Mr˙ Hallett, Mr˙ E˙ Bancker, Major Stoutenburgh, Colonel Lott, Mr˙ Rutgers, Mr˙ Roosevelt, Mr˙ Beekman, Mr˙ Prince.
FOR ALBANY. — General Ten Broeck, Mr˙ A˙ Yates, Mr˙ Gansevoort, Colonel Nicoll, (on service.)
FOR SUFFOLK. — General Woodhull, Mr˙ Gelston, Mr˙ Hobart.
FOR ORANGE. — Colonel Hay, Colonel Allison.
FOR ULSTER. — Mr˙ Rhea, Mr˙ Lefever, Colonel Palmer, (on service.)
FOR DUTCHESS. — Colonel Ten Broeck, Mr˙ G˙ Livingston.
FOR RICHMOND. — Mr˙ A˙ Bancker.
FOR KING' S. — Mr˙ Polhemus.
FOR WESTCHESTER. — Colonel Van Cortlandt, Colonel L˙ Graham.
FOR TRYON. — Mr˙ Moore.
FOR CHARLOTTE. — Colonel John Williams.
FOR CUMBERLAND. — Colonel William Williams.

A Letter from Lieutenant-Colonel Lewis Graham, dated yesterday, was read and filed. He thereby informs that the Quartermaster of Colonel Drake' s Regiment declines serving any longer, and recommending Mr˙ James Cock as a proper person.

The Congress are of opinion that the Colonels of the different Regiments of Minute-men should appoint their own Quartermasters, and give them warrants accordingly; and that this method should be recommended to Colonel Drake, as occasion may require it; and order that Mr˙ Benson, by letter, inform Lieutenant-Colonel Lewis Graham of the opinion of this Congress.

A Letter from Major-General Schuyler, dated the 21st February, on behalf of Mr˙ Paine, informing that he seems active and lively, and had been some time employed during some part of last campaign in the Artillery service; and that, if there is a vacancy, it might do well to employ him, was read and filed.

A Letter from Major-General Schuyler of the 27th February was read and filed. He therein says that Captain Willett, during the last campaign, has acted with remarkable attention and propriety, and that he is, therefore, entitled to the attention of his country.