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Letter from Governour Trumbull to General Schuyler



Lebanon, January 20, 1776.

SIR: I have your favour of the 6th instant with the enclosed roll, have observed the contents, but no other rolls are come to hand to send by this opportunity. My time has lately been taken up in taking measures to aid and assist Major-General Lee, in the service he is charged with into the Colony of New-York. For that end, two regiments, of seven hundred and fifty men each, are ordered in the westward part of this Colony, and three hundred men are voluntarily going to his assistance from the County of Hartford. When this was done, I received Brigadier-General Wooster' s letter of the 6th instant, giving the intelligence of the repulse of our troops before Quebeck, whereupon orders are given to raise another regiment, of seven hundred and fifty volunteers, in the northern parts of this Colony, to serve in the Northern Army until the first of November next, on the Continental pay, Wages and allowances, to be done with all possible expedition. When this was just finished, I received a letter from General Washington, of the 16th, per Bennett, requesting four regiments to be inlisted forthwith, to serve at the camp before Boston, to supply the places of the soldiers who came off the 1st of February, until the 1st April next, to give time for the regiments to be filled. This is now Under consideration. Please to give me intelligence of what has happened at Quebeck, and is doing, and must be done, at Albany, and the places adjacent. Concerning the arms left by our troops at the northward, as we have directed one-half of our men to expect arms at Ticonderoga and St˙ John' s, we apprehend there are many more arms retained, which we shall want for our troops, and wish to have accounts of them, and of every intelligence needful.

I am, sir, your obedient humble servant,


To Major-General Schuyler.