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New-Hampshire Provincial Congress, June 6th


Tuesday, June 6, 1775.

Met according to adjournment.

Voted, That all Officers and Soldiers of the New-Hampshire Army, now raising for the defence and security of the rights and liberties of this and our sister Colonies in America, shall each and every of them (excepting the General Officers,) repeat and take the following oath, viz:

"I, A B, swear I will truly and faithfully serve in the New-Hampshire Troops to which I belong, for the defence and security of the estates, lives, and liberties of the good people of this and the sister Colonies of America, in opposition to ministerial tyranny by winch they are or may be oppressed, and to all other enemies and opposers whatsoever; that I will adhere to the Rules and Regulations of said Army, observe and obey the General and other officers set over me, and disclose and make known to said officers air traitorous conspiracies, attempts, and designs, whatsoever, which I shall know to be made against said Army, or any of the English American Colonies. So help me God."

"Voted, To raise one Artillery Company, to be at Portsmouth.

Voted, That the Committee of Safety look out and commission the best men they can find, as officers, of the said Artillery Company.

Adjourned to three o' clock, P˙ M.

Met according to adjournment.

Whereas a vote passed on the third instant, respecting General Folsom' s wages, and that of ranking Colonel Stark' s Regiment: Voted, That that part of said vote, which respects General Folsom' s wages, be reconsidered; and instead thereof, voted that General Folsom, as chief commander of the New-Hampshire Forces, under the Commander-in-Chief of the New-England Forces, be allowed the wages of a Colonel of Regiment, and such other allowances as this Convention may think proper hereafter.

Voted, That Captain Elkins' s Company for the present placed upon the sea-coast.

Voted, That the Proclamation for a Fast on the 22d instant be sent to the press, and from thence sent to all the Towns in the Colony.

Voted, That the Artillery Company consist of sixty-five men, including officers, to be at Portsmouth.

Voted, That the Committee of Safety appoint Muster Masters.

Adjourned till eight o' clock to-morrow.