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Letter from Colonel William Richardson to Maryland of Safety


Gilpin' s Point, September 1, 1776.

GENTLEMEN : Upon Dr. Potter' s resigning his warrant for the inlistment of men to compose a company for the Flying Camp, my brother, Joe Richardson, undertook to inlist them, and having in three days made up the number, he now waits upon you for a commission, and I hope he will meet your approbation and appointment. The Ensign appointed for Captain Potter' s company declines to act, therefore it is necessary to have a new appointment: my brother will mention a young man to your honourable Board, which I believe will answer the purpose very well; he is a sprightly, active, stout young man, and has engaged part of his men already. I have no doubt but the company will be filled up in the course of this week, and ready to begin their march, if your Board can assist him with some of the arms brought up by the Defence, which I hope will be done. He has picked up some arms already and will want; cash to pay for them, the money lodged in the Committee' s hands being expended on Captain Fiddiman' s company.

All the companies are, I believe, now on their march to the camp, except Captain Goldsborough' s and the above. Captain Goldsborough' s, I expect, will set off in a few days, and I hope he will soon be followed by the Caroline company. I set out to-day on my way to camp.

I am, with due respect, gentlemen, your most obedient servant,


To the Honourable the Council of Safety of Maryland.