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Recantation of Ezekiel Beach, of Mendham, in Morris County, New-Jersey



Morristown, New-Jersey, December 23, 1775.

I, Ezekiel Beach, of the Township of Mendham, in the County of Morris, have heretofore by my words and conduct, been guilty of opposing the good people of this County in the measures by them adopted for preserving American freedom, particularly saying, "I had rather the Ministerial troops would conquer the Continental; and further declared, that the Parliament of Great Britain had a right to levy the oppressive taxes and acts upon America, particularly the act for changing the Government of Massachusetts-Bay; and further declared, that I would assist the Ministerial troops with provisions and other necessaries, provided they would pay for the same;" and having, on the most mature deliberation, considered of such my conduct, do most heartily disapprove of the same, and do


hereby promise, that for the future, I will observe as far as in me lies, the rules and regulations of the honourable Continental Congress, and the Provincial Congress of New-Jersey; and will use my best endeavours to promote and carry into execution every measure adopted already, or that may hereafter be adopted by said Congresses, for preserving the rights and liberties of this country, and will most cheerfully sign the Association adopted by said Provincial Congress when thereunto required; and do hereby desire, that in future the good people of this country would consider me as a friend to the same, which I hope to manifest by my conduct. EZEKIEL BEACH.

Signed at Morristown, this 23d day of December, 1775.

Witnesses present, THOMAS MILLEDGE,