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Meeting of the Inhabitants of Hackensack, New-Jersey



At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Precinct of Hackensack, in the County of Bergen and Province of New-Jersey, held pursuant to an Act of Assembly of the


said Province, on Tuesday, the 14th of March, in the year of our Lord 1775,

THOMAS MOOR, Esq˙, Chairman.

This Meeting being heartily grieved at the unhappy disputes now subsisting between Great Britain and her American Colonies, and earnestly wishing that the present misunderstandings may be removed, and such a reconciliation take place as may be consistent with the dignity of Great Britain and the true interest of the Colonies; and being unanimously of opinion that it is the duty of every loyal subject to adopt and encourage the most lenient measures, which may tend to heal and not inflame the present differences:

We, therefore, in order to contribute what is in our power to this salutary purpose, and to show our loyalty to our King, and love to our Country, do Resolve,

1. That we are and will continue to be loyal subjects to His Majesty King George, and that we will venture our lives and fortunes to support the dignity of his Crown.

2. That we disavow all riotous mobs whatsoever.

3. That by humbly petitioning the Throne, is the only salutary means we can think of to remove our present grievances.

4. That we have not, nor (for the future,) will not, be concerned in any case whatever, with any unconstitutional measures.

5. That we will support His Majesty' s Civil Officers in all their lawful proceedings.

Signed by thirty-seven Inhabitants.