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Minute-Men to be inlisted for four months only


Thursday, November 2, 1775.

Voted, That the men raised as Minute-Men in this Colony be inlisted for four months only, then to be dismissed


if they desire it, and the same Officers to proceed to inlist anew, as at first.

Upon the representation of John Quigley, Esquire, to this Congress, that he was afraid of being hurt in his person or estate by some people in the County of Hillsborough, under pretence of his being an enemy to his country, and, after some inquiry into the affair, it is resolved by this Congress, that it be recommended to the Committees of Safety in the said County to do their endeavour to protect said Quigley from damage, in any respect, for any past supposed bad disposition towards his country; and the good people in said County are desired not to disturb or molest him on said account, but suffer him in quiet to enjoy his estate and freedom, as other inhabitants of said County.

Upon reading the Petition of a number of the Soldiers in the East Parish of Kingston, relative to the appointment of their Officers in the Militia,

Voted, That Colonel Gale and the Petitioners be heard thereon on Monday next, P˙ M˙, if the Congress be then sitting, and, if not, on the first day of their sitting afterwards.

A Letter from the Hon˙ George Jaffrey, Esquire, late Treasurer of this Colony, in answer to a vote and order of this Congress, being read and considered,

Voted, That the said Letter is not satisfactory to this Congress, and that a message be immediately sent to the said George Jaffrey, Esquire, from this Congress, requiring him to attend this Congress forthwith, with his Accounts, in order for settlement, otherwise the Congress will take further notice of his contempt; and that the Rev˙ Mr˙ Fletcher be the messenger to wait on him for that purpose.

Voted, That George Jaffrey, Esquire, have time till Tuesday next, forenoon, to bring his Treasurer' s Accounts to this Congress for settlement.

Voted, That Lieutenant-Colonel John Hale be Colonel of the Regiment lately commanded by Colonel Lutwyche; Robert Reid, Esquire, Lieutenant-Colonel; Samuel Greely, First Major; and William McQuesten, Second Major.

Voted, That Enoch Hale, Esquire, be Colonel of the Regiment lately commanded by Colonel Kidder; Thomas Hale, Lieutenant-Colonel; Captain Robert Wilson, First Major; and Asa Brigham, Second Major.

Voted, That the Sloop in Mr˙ Joshua Wentworth' s care, which lately arrived at Portsmouth, be not permitted to depart out of the Port of Piscataqua, until further orders of the Congress.