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Letter from Colonel Reed to Governour Trumbull: Submits to his consideration whether it would be possible to transport a thousand men to Long-Island


Westchester, August 14, 1776.

SIR: I take the liberty to request that when you next Write to Congress, you may be pleased to recommend the appointment of a Major to my regiment. As I learn that Congress have an objection to the advancement of my oldest Captain, I can' t think myself at liberty to recommend any. The annexed gives your Excellency the names and rank of the Captains; one of them I hope will be promoted


Robert Clugage, Matthew Smith, James ross, Henry Millen, Charles Craig, James Grier, David Harris, James Parr, James Hamilton.

I beg your Excellency may please to appoint Third Lieutenant John Dick to be Second Lieutenant, vice Jacob Zank, who has resigned since the last promotion, and Robert Cunningham to be Third Lieutenant, vice John Dick.

If the Major be appointed from my Captains, I beg leave to recommend the following promotions in consequence, viz:

First Lieutenant John Holliday, to be Captain; Second Lieutenant, William Wilson, to be First Lieutenant; Third Lieutenant, John Dougherty, to be Second Lieutenant, and Benjamin Lion to be Third Lieutenant.

I wish to remind your Excellency that Lieutenant Francis, of my regiment, is still in arrest for associating and drinking to excess with the soldiers of the regiment.

I am, sir, with much respect, your Excellency' s most obedient, humble servant,


To the Commander-in-Chief.