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Edward Fleming Appointed Deputy Adjutant-General


Thursday, September 14, 1775.

Met according to adjournment.

A number of Letters received by several members during the recess of Congress, being produced, were read, viz:

One, a Letter from Joseph Hawley, excusing his not acting as a Commissioner for Indian affairs, on account of his bad state of health.

Second, a Letter from Elisha Phelps, appointed a Commissary for the Northern Army by Governour Trumbull, in pursuance of an order of Congress, together with a copy of his commission and appointment.

Third, a Letter from J˙ Reed, Secretary to General Washington, among other things, intimating the desire of the General, that the Clothing lately intercepted by the Committee of Philadelphia should be forwarded to the Camp, for the use of the American Army.

On motion made, Resolved, That the above Clothing be immediately forwarded, under a proper guard, by the Delegates for Pennsylvania, to General Washington, for the use of the American Army.

Fourth, a Letter from the Committee of Safety in New-York, with an enclosed copy of a Letter from General Washington.

These being taken into consideration,

Ordered, That the Delegates for Pennsylvania prepare and lay before the Congress to-morrow, an account of the Powder belonging to the Continent, received, and how it is disposed of; also, an account of all the Powder now in this City.

On motion, Resolved, That Edward Flemming be appointed Deputy Adjutant-General for the Army in the New-York or Northern Department, with the rank of a Colonel, and that the President make out a Commission for him accordingly, and forward the same by the first opportunity.

Ordered, That the President forward to General Schuyler four hundred blank Commissions for the Officers in his Army, to be by him filled up, agreeable to the order of Congress.

Fifth, sundry Letters from General Schuyler. The same being taken into consideration,

On motion made, Resolved, That Samuel Stringer, Esq˙, be appointed Director of the Hospital, and Chief Physician and Surgeon for the Army in the Northern Department.

That the Pay of the said Samuel Stringer, as Director, Physician, and Surgeon, be four Dollars per day.

That he be authorized and have power to appoint a number of Surgeon' s Mates under him, not exceeding four.

That the Pay of said Mates be two-thirds of a Dollar per clay.

That the number be not kept in constant pay, unless the sick and wounded be so numerous as to require the constant attendance of four, and to he diminished as circumstances will admit; for which reason the pay is fixed by the day, that they may only receive pay for actual service.

That the Deputy Commissary-General be directed to pay Dr˙ Stringer for the Medicines he has purchased for the use of the Army, and that he purchase, and forward such other Medicines as General Philip Schuyler shall by his warrant direct, for the use of said Army.

That Mr˙ Dyer, Mr˙ Lynch, Mr˙ Jay, Mr˙ J˙ Adams, and Mr˙ Lewis, be a Committee to devise ways and means for supplying the Army with Medicines.

The Delegates for Pennsylvania appointed, at the last session, a Committee to settle and pay the expenses incurred for raising and arming the Rifle Companies, as well as those incurred in consequence of a Resolve of Congress for raising a Company of Hussars, and for Expresses, &c˙, having informed the Congress that, on account of sundry difficulties, they had not executed that service, and desired that some members from other Colonies, where debts have been contracted, may be added:

Resolved, That Mr˙ Chase, Mr˙ Nelson, Mr˙ Crane, Mr˙ Jay, and Mr˙ Deane, be added to the Delegates for Pennsylvania, and that any five of them be a quorum to settle and pay the above accounts, and that they report their proceedings to the Congress.

The Delegates from the Colony of Georgia informed the Congress that they were ordered by their constituents


to lay before the Congress sundry Papers from that Colony; and the same being produced, were read.

The Commissioners for Indian Affairs in the Northern Department having transmitted to Congress the Minutes of a Treaty held with the Six Nations, at Albany, in August, the same were read.

The Congress then resumed the consideration of the Letter from Messrs˙ J˙ Morris and J˙ Wilson, of the 6th instant:

Upon motion, Resolved, That the enterprise proposed in their Letter be not undertaken.

Resolved, That Colonel Lewis Morris, who is now at Pittsburgh, act as a Commissioner for Indian Affairs in the Middle Department, at the Treaty proposed to be held there on the 20th instant, Dr˙ B˙ Franklin, the standing Commissioner, not being able to attend.

Adjourned till ten o' clock, to-morrow.