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Committee to take into Consideration the Resolution of the Continental Congress


Colonel John Lisle, elected one of the Representatives for the District between Broad and Saludy Rivers, not having taken his seat during the late Session, now attended, and declined serving.

A return was made of the following gentlemen, as duly elected Members of the present Congress, in the upper part of the District between Broad and Saludy Rivers, viz: Captain John Caldwell, James Williams, John Williams, Jonathan Downs, John Rogers, John Lindsey, and John Caldwell, of Enoree, Esqrs˙ And Messrs˙ John Williams and JamesWilliams attending to take their seats,

Ordered, That they do take their seats in Congress accordingly.


Resolved, That the Reverend Mr˙ Tennent, Mr˙ Prince, Colonel Thomas, Colonel Wofford, Mr˙ John Williams, Mr˙ James Williams, and Mr˙ Jonas Beard, be, and they are hereby appointed a Committee, to consider and report a proper division of the extensive District between Broad and Saludy Rivers, into three, and the number of Members each division ought to have in Congress, to consitute a full representation.

Resolved, That the Committee appointed to inquire into the state of the interior parts of the Colony, be authorized and empowered to send for Persons, Papers, and Records; and that such Members of Congress who choose so to do, may attend and give their opinions.

Mr˙ Edwards, from the Committee to whom the Petition of the Congregation of Particular Baptists, in Charlestown, had been referred, delivered in a Report.

And the said Report being taken into immediate consideration,

Ordered, That James Brisbane be sent for to Charlestown, to do justice to the Petitioners.

Resolved, That the present Members of the Council of Safety, together with Mr˙ President of the Congress, Colonel Powell, and Major Pinckney, be, and they are hereby, appointed a Committee, to take into consideration the following Resolution of the Continental Congress, of the 4th of November last, viz:

"Resolved, That if the Convention of South-Carolina shall find it necessary to establish a form of Government in that Colony, it be recommended to said Convention to call a full and free representation of the People; and that the said Representatives, if they think it necessary, establish such form of Government as, in their judgment, will best produce the happiness of the People, and most effectually secure peace and good order in the Colony, during the continuance of the present dispute between Great Britain and the Colonies."

Resolved, That this Congress will make provision for defraying the necessary expenses of Wagon-hire, Incurred on the late expedition under Colonel Richardson.

Adjourned to eleven o' clock to-morrow.