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Crown Officers


Whereupon the following Message was drawn and agreed to by the House:

May it please your Excellency:

We request that your Excellency will, as soon as may be, cause the Resolution of the 13th of last month, respecting the sending certain persons therein named to Connecticut, to be carried into execution; and, when the persons therein named shall be without the limits of this Colony, that your Excellency will then publish a declaration of pardon and amnesty to the late Insurgents then in the Colony, with such exceptions as your Excellency shall think proper, with the advice of the Privy Council.

We do also acquaint your Excellency that this House have resolved that such Crown Officers as were confined by the late Congress to Charlestown, shall have liberty, if they choose it, to depart this Colony; and that this House will make reasonable provision for the payment of their passages, and necessary sea-stores, to Europe or the West-Indies; and upon this resolution your Excellency will be pleased to cause such measures to be taken as that the resolution may have its proper effect.

And to the intent that the publick papers and effects, in the possession of all or any of those officers, may be properly secured and taken care of, we request your Excellency will order proper persons immediately to take possession of such publick papers and effects.

Ordered; That the Message be engrossed, and that Mr˙ Speaker do sign the same.

Ordered, That the Honourable Mr˙ Drayton and Captain McQueen do carry the said Message to his Excellency the President.

Mr˙ Speaker then adjourned the House to Tuesday, the 1st day of October next, after the Members thereof had sat in Congress and in General Assembly seventy-one days.