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Mr. Owden Biddle


Monday, October 30, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety: Present —

Robert Morris, Thomas Wharton, Junior, Bernard Dougherty, Samuel Howell, John Montgomery, Owen Biddle, Alexander Wilcocks, John Nixon, Andrew Allen, George Ross, George Clymer, James Mease, James Biddle.

On the Information of Mr˙ Owen Biddle, that the person sent down by the Committee of York County to instruct the Committee for the manufacture of Saltpetre in his mode of carrying on that process, is now ready to undertake the said business, but cannot proceed for want of a supply of Money, and Mr˙ Biddle offeing to advance him fifty Pounds, for the forwarding this necessary work, provided this Board will secure to him the repayment of the same,

Resolved, That this Board, to forward so useful a work, will be security to Mr˙ Owen Biddle for the repayment of the said sum of fifty Pounds.

A Petition from Hannah Shee, for relief for herself and children, was read, her husband having been drowned in the service of this Province.

After consideration, she was recommended by this Board to the Overseers of the Poor of the District where the deceased was settled, for such provisions as the case may require.

A Letter, dated the 24th instant, was received the 28th, from the Committee of Lancaster County, informing that Captain Markoe had safely lodged in the Jail of that County the bodies of Dr˙ John Kearsley and J˙ Brooks, and that Dr˙ Kearsley would be forwarded to Yorktown next day, under a proper guard, and that J˙ Brooks would continue in his confinement, and dealt with agreeable to the sentence and direction of this Committee.


Captain Dougherty attended this day, and acquainted the Board that, agreeable to a Resolve of the 9th instant, the Captains had agreed to allow each good and able Seaman fifteen Shillings, as a bounty for their entering into the service on board the Armed Boats, which bounty is to be paid them one month after having been in the service.

By direction of this Board, an Order was this day drawn on Michael Hillegas, Esq˙, Treasurer, in favour of Messrs˙ Thomas Wharton, John Nixon, and James Mease, Committee of Accounts, for the sum of one thousand Pounds.

Resolved, That Alexander Wilcocks, Andrew Allen, James Biddle, and Owen Biddle, be a Committee to revise and correct the Minutes of this Board, in order to their being transcribed fairly in the Minute-Book.

Resolved, That Messrs˙ Robert White and Samuel Morris be a Committee to direct the building of a Shed on Fort-Island, agreeable to the Resolve of the 25th instant, and to repair such Buildings as may be already erected on the Island, that may be made suitable to the accommodation of the Soldiers and Sailors.