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Motion to ascertain the number of delinquent Towns and Districts rejected


Tuesday, April 25, 1775, 8 o' clock, A˙ M.

Congress met pursuant to adjournment.

Ordered, That the Treasurer be inquired of respecting the state of the Treasury.

Answered by said Treasurer in a general way, that for the year 1773, it was supposed that about Twenty Thousand Pounds was due, and that he had received about Five Thousand Pounds.

Moved, That a Committee be appointed, to bring in a Resolve how we may as certain the number of Towns and Districts which are delinquent. Passed in the negative.

Moved for a reconsideration, and passed negatively.

The Committee appointed to bring in a Report of what they thought might be made publick of the Resolves, reported, that nothing relative to our proceedings with the Indian Nations be known, and that other matters be left at discretion with each Member.

Moved, That this matter subside for the present.

Leave of absence is granted Jerathmiel Bowers, Esquire, to return home.

Adjourned to three o' clock, afternoon.


The Letter from Haverhill committed.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Gill, Colonel Gerrish, and Major Fuller, of Middleton, be a Committee for that purpose, and to sit forthwith.

Moved, by the Committee of Safety, for two gentlemen as Engineers, and an Establishment for them.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Gill, Jonas Dix, Esq˙, and Henry Gardner, Esq˙, be a Committee for that purpose to bring in a Resolve.

Ordered, That a Resolve be submitted by the Committee of Safety, to reduce the Regiments.

Moved, That the Companies in each Regiment be reduced from one hundred men each, to fifty-nine men, including three officers — one Captain and two Subalterns; and passed unanimously in the affirmative.

Moved, That each Regiment be reduced to ten of these Companies; and passed in the affirmative.

Ordered, That Colonel Orne, Colonel Palmer, and Henry Gardner, Esq˙, be a Committee for regulating the Regiments of the Army, and to sit forthwith.

A Letter from Salem was read, setting forth the expediency of the Depositions we are now taking being forwarded as fast as possible. The same was ordered to be


sent to the Committee for that purpose, at Lexington, immediately.

Ordered, That the Memorial from Marblehead, with the debate thereon, subside for the present.