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King' s District (New-York) Resolutions



At a Meeting held in King' s District, Albany County, New- York, on the 24th day of December, 1774, publickly warned by the Clerk of the District, and requested by a number of the principal Inhabitants:

Present, five of the King' s Justices of the County of Albany, and a great number of the principal people belonging to said District.

Whereas, it appears to this meeting that some individuals in the Northeast part of this District, have associated with divers people of a neighbouring District, and combined together to hinder and obstruct Courts of Justice in the said County of Albany. This meeting, deeply impressed with a just abhorrence of these daring insults upon Government, and being fully sensible of the blessings resulting from a due obedience to the laws, as well as convinced of the calamities and evils attending a suppression, or even a suspension of the administration of justice, have therefore unanimously come into the following Resolutions:

First. That as our gracious Sovereign King George the Third, is lawful, and rightful King of Great Britain, and all other Dominions thereunto belonging, and as such, by the Constitution, has a right to establish Courts, and is supposed to be present in all his Courts; therefore, we will, to the utmost of our power, and at the risk of our lives, discountenance and suppress every Meeting, Association, or Combination, which may have a tendency in the least to molest, disturb, or in anywise obstruct the due administration of justice in this Province.

Second. That we will, as much as we possibly can, in our different capacities, encourage, promote, and enforce a strict obedience to the aforesaid authority.

Third. Inasmuch as that life, liberty, and property, and the bands of society, are secured and protected by the laws, we do, for the further security of these blessings, mutually covenant, agree, and engage, that if any obstruction, hindrance, or molestation, is given to any Officer or Minister of Justice, in the due execution of his office, we will, separately and collectively, as occasions may require, aid and assist in the executive part of the law, so that all offenders may be brought to justice.

Signed by order of the meeting.

ABRAHAM HOLMES, Clerk for King' s District.