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Petition of Henry Ashfield



Annapolis, December 30th, 1776.

The humble Petition of HENRY ASSFIELD, Private in Captain FULFORD' S Company, the Second MARYLAND Matrosses, humbly sheweth:

That your poor petitioner hath been afflicted these several months past with a disorder called the piles, so that I have been rendered incapable of doing any duty ever since I was first taken, and after various and different applications to the Doctor, cannot receive any benefit or ease, but rather seems to grow worse, and has no likelihood of ever growing better without some assistance. Therefore, most honourable gentlemen, hope your Honours will take your poor petitioner' s petition into your most serious consideration, and grant him some remedy towards his relief, otherwise his discharge from said company. And compliance with the former or latter, most gracious and considerate gentlemen, your poor distressed petitioner shall ever be in duty bound to pray. So God bless the Congress, and direct the General.


To the honourable the Council of Safety, now sitting in the City of Annapolis, these by submission, present.