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The Congress being informed that John Ten Broeck, Esq˙, one of the Members of the Committee appointed to carry into execution the Resolutions of this Congress of the 5th June instant, is very much indisposed and unable to attend:

Therefore, Resolved, That Mr˙ Ten Broeck be discharged from the said Committee, and that Mr˙ Leonard Gansevoort be, and he is hereby, appointed a Member of that Committee in the stead of Mr˙ Ten Broeck.


In pursuance to the order of this morning, the following gentlemen, members of the Committee appointed to execute the Resolutions of the 5th instant, to wit: Philip Livingston, Joseph Hallett, Lewis Graham, John Jay, Thomas Tredwell, and Leonard Gansevoort, Esquires — came up to the Chair, and were respectively sworn on the Holy Evangelists, diligently, impartially, without fear, favour, affection, or hope of reward, to execute and discharge the duties imposed on them by the said Resolutions.