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Captains of Colonel Maxwell' s regiment to General Washington



MAY IT PLEASE YOU EXCELLENCY: The Captains of the late Colonel Maxwell' s regiment, in behalf of their men, have thought it necessary to lay before your Excellency the charge brought against them of cartouch-boxes, cross-belts, tomahawks, haversacks, priming-wires and brushes, canteens, guntlines, camp-kettles, and Canada caps. The men have been taught to believe that they would not have to pay for those things enumerated. General Gates, while at Ticonderoga, gave them assurances that they would not; since which they think themselves exempted from the payment. We hope your Excellency will consider it. This charge, if permitted to stand, will retard the present service, and injure our characters. Relying on the justness of the case, and the impartiality with which justice is administered where you preside, are in full assurances that our request will be complied with.

If the hardships these men have gone through would be any argument for the remitting these things mentioned, we would have no doubt of their being excluded. We will freely submit it to your Excellency and General Gates; and are your Excellency' s most obedient and very humble servants,

H˙ BREARLY, Captain,

December 20th, 1776.

In behalf of the whole.

SIR: I am fully of opinion that the above requests of the Captains is very reasonable, both from the promise of General Gates, and the extraordinary campaign they have undergone.

I am your Excellency' s most obedient, humble servant,

WM˙ MAXWELL, Brigadier-General.