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Directions to the Commissioners


The Congress then took into consideration the Resolutions of the Continental Congress of the 15th of February, relating to the Fortifications" in the Highlands, and the Letter from the Commissioners of the 29th February last; and, after a considerable time spent therein, the Congress came to the following determination, to wit:

Ordered, That the Commissioners for building the Fortifications in the Highlands be, and they are hereby, authorized to employ Vessels for quartering the Troops to build the Fort at Pooplopen' s Kill, until Barracks are built; and, also, that they be authorized to call in as many of the Minute-men of Colonel Palmer' s Regiment as can be employed there; and in case they cannot get a sufficient number of Minute-men, to order as many of the Continental Troops, raised in the Counties of Orange, Ulster, Westchester, and Dutchess, to that post, as will be necessary to expedite the said works.

Ordered, further, That such Continental Troops as may be called and employed at the said works, be continued there until the further order of the Continental or this Congress, the Committee of Safety, or the commanding Officer of the Continental Troops in this Department.

And on considering the Letter from the said Commissioners at the Fortifications in the Highlands:

Resolved and Ordered, That Gilbert Livingston, Esq˙, be, and he is hereby, appointed an additional Commissioner to superintend the building of the said Fortifiations in the Highlands.