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Return of Men, Provisions, and Ammunition


[No˙ 7.]

Return of Men sent northward since the one hundred and forty of EASTON' S, mentioned in my Letter of 19th inst.

Colonel McDougall' s New-Yorkers, 123, officers included; Col˙ Warner' s, 132; Col˙ Clinton' s, 402; total, 657.

About 350 of the men took twenty days' provision, the others eight days' .

Provisions: 341 barrels of pork; 29 do˙ beef; 416 do˙ flour; 48 do˙ rum; 4 tierces rice; 7 firkins butter; 5 barrels of sugar; 1 do˙ vinegar; 2 boxes chocolate.

Ammunition: 3,650 pounds of powder; 4 boxes of musket ball; 200 ball, twelve-pounders; 200 ball, six-pounders; 90 shells, five inch diameter; 30 shells, seven inch diameter; 1 mortar and bed, thirteen inch diameter; 120 fusees; 43 bunches grape-shot; 4 bushels grape-shot; 4 oil cloths.