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Resolve for ordering the men drafted from Plymouth and Barnstable brigades to march to Rhode-Island instead of New-York


Resolve for ordering the Men drafted from PLYMOUTH and BARNSTABLE Brigades to march to RHODE-ISLAND instead of NEW-YORK; passed SEPTEMBER 13, 1776.

Whereas the General Assembly of this State did, by their resolve of the 12th instant, order and direct that one-fifth part of the Militia, both of the Alarm and Train Band list, not now in actual service, be drafted from the said Militia of the Counties of Suffolk, Essex, Middlesex, Hampshire, Plymouth, Bristol, Barnstable, Worcester and Berkshire, some towns only excepted, to march to the aid of the Army at New-York, in manner as is by said resolve directed; and whereas the honourable the American Congress have requested the Assembly of this State to send one Battalion of the Militia thereof to the State of Rhode-Island, to supply the place of a Battalion in the service of the United States ordered from thence to reinforce the Army at New-York:

It is therefore Resolved, That the men drafted from the


Brigades in the Counties of Plymouth and Barnstable in consequence of the aforesaid resolve, be and hereby are ordered, instead of marching to the aid of the Army at New-York, to march to the State of Rhode-Island, to supply the place of the Continental Battalion aforesaid, and the major part of the Council of this State be and hereby are desired to make out their orders in writing to Major-General Warren, commanding him immediately to order the Brigadiers of the said Counties of Plymouth and Barnstable, as soon as their men are drafted agreeable to the resolve aforesaid, to form them into Companies of sixty-four men each, including non-commissioned officers, and to officer them agreeable to the resolve aforesaid, the whole to form into one Regiment, and to be officered agreeable to said resolve, and to order them to march to Rhode-Island for the purpose aforementioned, the resolve aforesaid notwithstanding. This Regiment to continue in the service until they are recalled by the General Court of this State, the major part of the Council, or the House of Representatives.