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Resolve for supplying the ship Boston with cannon


Resolve for supplying the Ship BOSTON with Cannon; passed SEPTEMBER 14, 1776.

Whereas it is necessary in order that the Ship Boston, Hector McNeil commander, may be fitted out with all possible expedition, that she should be immediately supplied with the Guns this Court has resolved, upon certain conditions, to supply her with: Therefore,

Ordered, That the Committee for fortifying the Harbour of Boston be, and hereby are directed to send forthwith, by water, so many Cannon, nine-pounders, with carriages and other apparatus, from those in and about the town of Boston, as shall be sufficient to arm said Ship, to the town of Newbury-Port, to be there delivered to Captain Hector McNeil for the purpose aforesaid; and in case the whole number of nine-pound Cannon above mentioned cannot be obtained from those in and about Boston, then the said Committee are empowered and directed to procure and send to Newbury-Port, by water, so many as may be necessary to make up the deficiency from the towns of Salem and Marblehead, and give them others in lieu of the same from those in and about the town of Boston.

And further Ordered, That the Agent for building the Continental ships at Newbury-Port, be furnished by the town of Newbury-Port, for the purpose before mentioned, with the five pieces of Cannon this State has lately purchased of said town, and also with five other Cannon, nine-pounders, which the town of Newbury-Port has agreed to lend to this State, with their carriages, &c˙; the Agent agreeing to redeliver all the Cannon, with their carriages and other apparatus before mentioned, to the order of this State in case leave cannot be obtained from the honourable Congress for said vessel to cruise on this coast for the protection of the trade of this State. And it is strongly recommended to said Agent to be as expeditious as possible in fixing out said Ship.